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Progentra is Clinically Tested – The key high-potency compounds in Progentra male enhancement supplements are supported by numerous clinical studies showing the compounds in this Multi-Active formula can transform your manhood like no other male enhancement pill. Our superior formula design, engineering and delivery system have rocketed Progentra into THE breakthrough enhancement product that is sweeping the nation.

 Progentra’s Ingredients

Advance Syner-Boost Expansion Formulahave been clinically tested and proven to Increase Penile Tissue by a shocking 44%. Imagine Life with a penis nearly 50% bigger with Progentra!
Progentra’s Accelerated-Expansion Formula rapidly increases the delivery of blood and key nutrients to the penis, giving you a Larger, Thicker and Overall Massive PenisJoin the Thousands of Men that have tried Progentra’s Breakthrough Formula for male enhancement.

PROGENTRA’s Scientific Formula is Clinically Tested to Dramatically Transform Your Penis and Brings a Whole New Meaning to Male Enhancement


A demonstrates how far technology has come with male enhancement. Progentra’s Ingredient Synergy works in stages to rapidly increase the size of your penis. With a formulated blend of ingredients that are proven to increase the volume of blood to flow to the cavernous spaces in the penis and work together to expand and vasodilate blood vessels in the penis, therefore giving you a larger, thicker, fuller, harder penis.

PROGENTRA’S ACCELRATED EXPANSION TECHNOLOGY is proven to be a highly-effective formula that accurately targets the sexual health problems that men have – size, stamina, and sex drive, and Progentra deals with these sexual health problems through vasodilation, libido enhancement, and hormone stabilization.

PENIS ENLARGEMENT is a complex process that involves blood circulation and vasodilation. In order to make the penis bigger, a consistent increase in blood flow is required to influence the permanent expansion of the cavernous spaces in the penis.

PROGENTRA WILL DRAMATICALLY INCREASE THE SIZE OF YOUR PENIS BY rapidly boosting blood flow to the penis with the use of vasodilators. Vasodilators work by increasing nitric oxide in the blood, which forms cGMP, the compound which makes the blood vessels dilate. Dilated blood vessels allow an increased volume of blood to flow to the penis. Progentra synergizes vasodilators with testosterone boosters, which not only reinforces the increase of cGMP through PDE-5 inhibitors; it also rapidly increases the libido of the user, which helps to promote an increased occurrence of erections for the user. This is further synergized with the use of hormone stabilizers which increases the user’s sexual stamina to prolong the erection of the user, which contributes to the penis enlargement process.

AS A RESULT, THE USER EXPERIENCES A RAPID EXPANSION of the cavernous spaces in the penis, while increasing libido and sexual endurance in the process.



Progentra’s SYNER-BOOST formula is a group of meticulously-selected ingredients that have been studied for their expressed synergistic capabilities. The effectiveness of each ingredient in the formula is maximized by another ingredient in the formula, which creates an entire system of ingredients that will surpass its standard effectiveness. The SYNER-BOOST formula makes it possible to achieve results that no other male enhancement supplement has been able to provide.


The intense expansion of penile tissue is made possible by the increased blood flow to the cavernous spaces in the penis. With Progentra, you can expect a significant increase in penis length and girth in just 2-3 weeks.


Progentra combines PDE-5 inhibitors with vasodilators to provide a wider, unobstructed pathway of blood to the penis to improve the quality of erections. This is further intensified by the increase in libido and testosterone, which further increases the pressure of blood that flows to the penis.


The refractory period is a period after having an orgasm when the individual no longer feels the sexual urge. This is caused by a sharp decline of testosterone. With Progentra, the effects of the refractory period is reduced, enabling the user to experience as much orgasms as he wants.


With a larger penis size, improved libido, and a lasting sexual endurance, Progentra users would have everything they need to share pleasure with their partners. No other male enhancement supplement would give you the advantage of being able to attain pleasure and share it with your partner.


PROGENTRA is the first-ever male enhancement pill to guarantee penis enlargement results. We’re not simply throwing the guarantee around; we’re absolutely confident that our product will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering top-quality penis enlargement and male enhancement results. No fine print, no scams, no empty claims. PROGENTRA delivers every single time, and you can count on us to make good on our promise to provide you with top-quality male enhancement supplements.

With over 50 pages of published scientific research related to PROGENTRA’s ADVANCED SYNER-BOOST formula, standing behind PROGENTRA is a no-brainer. PROGENTRA is a product guaranteed by scientific facts to be effective, every single time. We are absolutely confident that PROGENTRA would be able to meet and exceed your expectations.

PROGENTRA is the answer to all of your sexual health needs. Our clinically-tested formula will send your sex life into overdrive. Progentra is the last pill you’ll ever need. Experience what real male enhancement should be like when you order PROGENTRA today!

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