Premature Ejaculation Prevention & Treatment ,Symptoms and Causes,


Premature Ejaculation is chronic issue that will devastate your sexual life and even you will not get child as well meant you will not reproduce

You will know that this is very common issue among most of men.

If you are facing the same dangerous and want to fight with same we will here to help you to get rid of this  insulating feeling is being faced during interaction with women .Here you will explore signs and symptom and cause & effect on your relationship and we will gift you solution as well to eradicate this issue from your

I knew feeling you have this time so disappointed even research showed that due to stress faced due sexual relation caused hearth attack as well. Therefore, you should read on to find out more about this condition and get a better picture about what you are facing.

How to Define PE

Dr. Mohit Khera – Premature Ejaculation Causes and Treatments

This is basically a term for the condition where a man tends to orgasm more quickly than intended, or earlier than his partner would like. There may be several causes of this.

PE can be defining as the condition where a man tends to orgasm faster than desired having more causes it has. There are many definitions seen for PE.

Because there is no agreed common medical definition, other organizations may also define PE as:

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  • Will not able to resist direct sexual stimulation of the penis.
  • Very week stimulus will make a guy ejaculate.

While some have opinion this should be face within 15 seconds of penetration, others believe it may be any time an climax occurs up to a minute into intercourse.

  Are you at Risk?healthy-couple-having-sex-25

There are several factors for losing control over your ejaculations. Trust it or not, age is not among these. Many may mistakenly believe that either too young or too old men are at more of a risk for PE.

Age does not matter you might agree with me on this. Those who believe age is cause we will not agree with his belief.

Let discus the element that contribute to this may include as listed.

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)– As Men with Erectile dysfunction to be during intercourse because they have fear getting or maintaining an erection.
  • Particular medications– Drugs can influence your brain chemistry that contribute to PE Although it is rare for pills to play
  • Mental Stress– If you have stress then it is confirm that you would have be PE Problem find yourself having trouble focusing and relaxing during sex, which could lead to PE.
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How to know from History of Premature Ejaculation

If you to know about history of PE then you will know that PE is not recent terms are seen during current century but was faced in history as well way back incent time over 1500 years .

While some medical think this is biological issue are being transferred from their genes

What are Types: Primary & Secondary?

For better clarification and understanding to know symptoms and consequent treatment then you should know first what type of PE you have and will see a very small difference between them.

  • Primary–lifelong condition.
  • Secondary but with the difference that it only happens after you have had fulfilling sexual relationship in the past.

What are Symptoms

As discussed as above both are same with single exception

Every time – Not being able to delay Cumming on all or almost all penetrations.

  • One minute man– It happens within one minute of vaginal intercourse.
  • Stress– Bad mental state including stress, frustration, and low self-esteem, to the avoidance of any kind of intimacy with others.

Secondary, or acquired early ejaculation, also has all the same symptoms as listed above, but with the one difference:

  • Fulfilling past– The patient was have satisfactory sexual life in the past without such negative experience.

What are Potential Causes?

You will see many reasons & causes early male climaxes, no matter what type you have been diagnosed with it I very hard to determine the exact reason

According to Doctors it has something to do with both physiology and psychology of the patient. Stress, bad mental health Anxiety especially that caused bad sex, disputes raised between you and your partner, and erectile dysfunction may all be other major contributing factors.

What are Biological Issues

Other physiological issues may force guy to develop or have PE. These include:

  • Having thyroid issues
  • Having Unbalanced hormone levels
  • Inflammation of the urethra or prostate
  • Unusual reflex activity of the system that controls ejaculation
  • Inherited traits & genes
  • Unusual levels of neurotransmitters (a specific chemical in your brain)
  • Avoided mental health medications
  • Damage to the nervous system (surgery or trauma)

Psychological Issues

With growing age it is very difficult to handle to change normally, these represent the biggest element causing PE. Over time,:

  • Inner Guilty feelings– Will give you mental state try to rush through love-making.
  • Public place– Situations in which men must hurry in order to orgasm to avoid danger of being discovered during sex may also play a factor.

If above listed issues are being faced by you then you are at risk.

The Effects on Relationships


  • Relationship tension– This state having serious effect on your relationship even women can leave you for this this may come from lack of sexual release and pleasure for both partners.
  • Higher stress– Additionally, anxiety may be experienced by both of you. What is crucial to realize is the fact that this may cause relationships to break down, and may require counseling along with treatment of this condition.

Ejaculatory Problems

Other varieties of issues have also been identified:

  • Delayed climaxes– This is the term described where a man failed reach orgasm.
  • Retrograde ejaculation– This is an health problem where the semen leaks back into the bladder during climax instead of exiting through the penis. This is another, very rare, stuff that worries men.

What are Home Remedies?

Here are some few home remedies and tricks that caused delay in your climax other may be mental or physical as well.
  • Mental distraction– Redirect you mind to thing which is not sexy during intercourse.
  • Condoms– When you wear on your dick before intercourse will not only protect you from STD´s, but it can amazingly decrease on the sensation you will feel throughout love making as well.
  • Numbing products– Market will offer you some products to minimize the sensation you feel in your penis which should consequently make you last longer.
  • Masturbation– by Doing this prior making love may increase you to decrease the level of intensity.
  • Other positions– Different positions may also lessen friction that could do the trick.

How to know Recognizing ClimaxStop-Premature-Ejaculation-With-Squeeze-Method-e1397736

First man has to know the time where he feels orgasm can be known to him through series of techniques to learn to control it.

By Trying below methods listed, whether you are alone or with a partner.  These may take some time to master:

  • Techniqueof The Squeeze – Once you are alone this can be performed. Simply squeeze the frenum of your penis when you feel near to climax. It is strip of skin that connects your glans to the shaft underneath your phallus.
  • Kegel Exercise– This exercise are bullet proof for PE. You may also be able to control your PC muscle to help you postpone your pleasure peak.. You will notice it tighten. Exercise it regularly, if possible according to this plan.
  • The Start & Stop– This is up & down exercise. You may do this alone. Move yourself to climax then move mind to some other thing will make you calm. repeat for many time so that it will be automated. This process may take a few weeks or even months, so do not feel like it will be amazing for the first time. You have to keep up the work! See more about this technique here –.

Premature Ejaculation control

  1. Commercial Stuff

There are a lot products are advertised in market to kill this issue. These are taken before intercourse and some are that will give permanent solution

However, I will advise you to take consult with doctor or look for recommended product we can help you in searching  product safe for your health

  1. Useful Tips
  • Like …The mind-over-matter technique– In order to control orgasm it is found a best way. Just imagine yourself satisfying your girl, lasting a long time, and doing a good job.
  • Combination with supplements– By combing supplements with techniques you will get amazing result
  • Discussion with expert– Another way is to consult with doctor so he /she may provide the solution as well..

 How the Doctor Will help You.Help-From-Your-Doctor

When you visit doctor he/she will prescribe you medicine to control P.E if you feel this temporary you should also consult with doctor to avoid any untoward situation

Better you do tests if they advise .What is more, they may help you more on what precise techniques and supplements you should use.

Having some note before approaching any doctor as listed for your concern

History – Write down your symptoms, medical history and sexual .

  • Timing– You should know timing of your ejaculation.
  • How often– Any negative experience which excel your ejaculation or that lead to early climax.

Do you feel that PE is cause of to be ashamed?

Here is hope for you don’t be ashamed as this type issue /problem is facing by almost 30% men and has got secrets to overcome this issue. We will recommend you a product that will resolve your issue as many men

They have already helped men through this trouble, and your worries are no different than many they have seen before. Also, remember to be open and honest with your girlfriend about this issue.

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