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Important pretext:   First of all, this is assuming you are using this one with partner exclusively, always wash and clean it but there are always special instructions for this type of thing that I haven’t bothered to investigate- some plastics are porous I believe which might pass disease but I have no idea if that’s true or not, better to err on the safe side. Also, I’m writing as a straight male, so I’m sorry if my tone is obnoxious in that regard. I don’t have any gay friends who have tried Penis sleeves, but will update about it if they do. Also, a shout out to this blog:

What Something you put over your penis during sex to make it bigger. Pretty basic. Why I would love to hear a sex psychologist talk about some theories behind this, I wanted to get it for my girlfriend and she never made an implication that there were issues with my size or our sex life (I have the most normal penis, 6 inches and slightly less than 5 around). Yet I really wanted to explore using a penis extender. I genuinely would love to hear if someone has an idea there, but regardless, it’s used for enhanced pleasure for one or both parties.

What to look out for-

SizeGenetics Extender Review – Penis Enlargement Device 2019

Type of plastic

This is obviously the most important because you’re putting this INSIDE SOMEONE and you would be surprised at the variety of plastics and the blatant lies about the type of plastic you buy. Essentially there are 2 basic types- silicone which is non porous and stable and TPR/TPE (elastomers, basically it’s the cyberskin/fleshlight plastic) which are porous but soft-ish. NEVER buy jelly plastics, they can have phenylalates, which have been shown to cause endocrine issues in some studies.

I was amazed at the variety of types of TPR/TPE, just because it says it’s an elastomer does not mean it’s manufactured the same, some have strong smells, easy break down and feel sticky. If you ever get a toy that seems off just toss it! I included plastic variations in my review.

Length and girth 

Obviously talk to your partner about this, but I would start off small because (in my case) it was already a little difficult talking about this and if you think that might be the same case for you, you don’t want to start off with something ridiculously giant or strange looking.

How it attaches

This is pretty important! There are a few different ways it fits on your penis, either by suction with a small air pocket at the tip or it attaches to your balls with a strap. I suggest the suction in the tip, but do whatever works for you. There is a potential problem with the suction tip in that your glans might rub up against the end of the tip, but this was only a problem with the cheaper Penis sleeves.

Penis Sleeve Reviews:

California Exotics Adonis extension: This was the first one I got, it was so-so and ultimately I wouldn’t suggest it. The plastic was proportedly TPR but fell apart much easier than the TPR sleeve I have now. I also had some issues with irritation on my glans, which lasted a few days. She liked it fine, but ultimately I wouldn’t recommend.

3 Extra Inches Penis Extenders Cock Sheath: Should have read the specs on this one! It’s made of jelly plastic and when I attempted to put it on I could not fit my testicles through the hole. No picture in the gallery, not even worth it.

Fantasy X-tensions Mega 2″ Extension: This is the current sleeve we use and it’s working pretty well so far. It fits well, you can customize it to fit better and has a suction tip (no annoying straps around the testicles). The plastic is high quality but she had misgivings about it at first because it looks so ridiculous, it’s veiny and the head of the sleeve is pretty bulky and awkward. Overall I would recommend, but I’m going to try a few other models.

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If you’re curious, feel inadequate with your size, what to try something new/whatever, just bring this up to your partner! It doesn’t hurt to talk about it and if your partner told you to put one on, don’t get bent out of shape. Seriously, as guys if we could just step back from thinking OUR dicks are the end all be all pleasure organs for a world of women I think everyone would be happier (I realize that ending comment sounds cheesy, but it’s entirely true).   Also, if anyone has experience with these or suggestions for sleeves let me know!

Penis Sleeve Product Description

If you long to pump with a bigger piston, but find other extenders lack sensation, you’ve come to the right place. This super-stretchy, real-feel sleeve is lined with stimulating bumps and ridges that tickle your todger as you get down to it.

Squirt a little water-based lube inside the sleeve and along the length, before pulling it over your erect penis and looping the ring over your balls for improved hold. Measuring 6 inches in circumference and 9 inches long when unstretched, you’ll be astounded how much bigger you can look and feel.

As well as giving you an instant penis extension, this clever male toy can also be used as a stroker and a sleeve for vibrators and dildos. You can even turn it inside out if you’d prefer the texture on the outside of the sleeve.

Clean your Fat Boy with antibacterial sex toy cleaner, water and soap. Apply a little renewer powder after each use to keep the SilaSkin material fresh.

Key Features:

  • Stimulating penis extender with ball loop for heightened and lengthened shared pleasure
  • Stretches 1200% to ensure that it fits even the girthiest, lengthiest of men
  • Internal ridges and nodules massage your length
  • Secure loop stretches around your balls for a tighter fit
  • Easy to put on and comfortable to wear
  • Great for couples and solo use
  • Made from real-feel TPR for lifelike sensations

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