Best Penis Extenders (Stretchers) For Length and Girth Gain in 2019

As you may know, I’ve spent the last few years testing out different brands of Male Enhancement Supplements.

More recently, I’ve been looking for natural and safe ways to increase my penis size.

From my research, I discovered Penis Stretchers.

If you’re unhappy, with the length of your penis then these devices can help.

There are lots of brands for sale online but only a few have been clinically proven and are safe to use.

After lots of research, I decided to order a few different devices.

I did this to test for quality, comfort, and the potential for success.

One of the devices was my personal favourite, and I used it every day for 4 months.

Based On My Research and Testing These are The Best penis enlargement devices in 2019 For Increasing The Length of Your Penis.

World Top Rated Penis Extender Rated # 1 SizeGenetics Rated # 2 jes extender Rated # 3 Male Edge
Customer Rating
LONG TERM RESULTS 98/100 94/100 93/100
OVERALL 98/100 93/100 90/100
CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: 96/100 90/100 92/100
Size Increase 3 Inch and 3 Hours Stamina in Bed 2 inch Penis Size Increase 2.5 inch Penis Size Increase
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Rated # 1 SizeGenetics Extender 

Penis extenders (Stretcher Device )Dubbed “the Rolls Royce of penile Enlargement Device ” by The Jonathan Ross Show, SizeGenetics is the most powerful penis enlargement device on the market. Clinically proven to increase penile size, SizeGenetics offers 50% more tension than other leading devices, is endorsed by doctors and backed by an authentic medical device certificate.

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With over 20 years on the market, SizeGenetics has a sterling reputation for safety, quality and big results (as demonstrated by its extremely low return rate), and is the only penis enlargement device company to show real before and after photos. A double money back guarantee and a full refund in exchange for a testimonial give you even more good reasons to persuade your customers to buy.

SizeGenetics has repeatedly received positive media recognition from the likes of GQ magazine, The Daily Express, Channel 4’s Extreme Male Beauty and The Jonathan Ross Show, making it even easier for you to promote to your site visitors. Not many brands will give you commissions like this. With each sale putting up to $175 in your pocket, there’s big bucks to be made with SizeGenetics

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Rated # 2 Jes-Extender

Why chose Jes-Extender?jes extender Penile Extenders

1994 was the birth of the Jes-Extender and a revolution in penile enlargement. Clinically tested with excellent results, the Jes-Extender is a pain free treatment to enlarge your penile size comfortably and easily. It has over 100,000 satisfied users and is a number one choice for men worldwide looking for safe way to enlarge their penis.

The Jes-Extender penile enlargement tool can enlarge the length of your penis without surgery by using the method of traction device. Traction has been used for centuries and has the potential to grow your penis by up to 24% from its original size.

We ship all over the world (fast and discreet packaging), this guaranteed and classified Number 1 medical tool has European Certificate CE, only given to products that meet the strict standards of the European Union.


  • Natural cell division for permanent extension
  • Proven to straighten Peyronie’s Disease
  • Over half a million users worldwide and increasing
  • Helps to increase length and girth

Rated#3 Male Edge Penis Stretchers

Our third product on the list is another regular in every best penile device list. Male Edge, just like the other brands also makes use of stretching penile ligaments and cell multiplication for its efficiency. Read to know more about this product.

  1. 3 designs, medically proven: Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra & Male Edge Pro
  2. For bigger stronger erections, men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease & post-surgery scar retraction
  3. Can increase penis length up to 29% and girth up to 19%
  4. Uses traction therapy to help create new cells in the penis
  5. Safe, drug-free alternative to penis surgery

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Scientifically tested and documented to work!

The permanent growth effect is medically documented.

The “British Journal of Urology International (*BJUI)” published a scientific study based on finding out what which methods work for achieving permanent penis growth

What Is Considered To Be The Top Penis Stretcher?

Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for a less-than-well-endowed man to subject his junk to a whole gamut of uncomfortable and obtuse procedures in an effort, albeit futile, to “enhance” himself. Luckily, we have come a long way from strapping our dicks to ropes and letting the livestock tug away. No shit: that is actually one of the methods used by early civilizations. Thank fuck things are different now.

These days, penis Enlargement Device are ergonomically engineered contraptions designed to slowly stretch your penile and promote further tissue growth – which is essentially the same thing if you think about it. Old techniques had a love affair with new technology and now, what was once “too good to be true” is a tangible reality for some men.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Depending on the type of penile Deive you use, the way it works may vary. However, most of today’s penis extending devices involve the use of metal and moving parts which are fashioned onto the penile and then worn there for hours on end. I don’t know about you, but if I am putting my dick through all of that then it better be massive when I get done.

As it turns out, there are some Penile Enlargement devices on the market that actually work. Still, they must be worn for at least 6 hours per day for at least 6 months, but comfort levels can fluctuate depending on brand. Furthermore, it appears that most of the premium devices are pretty much as effective as the lower-end models, with the only glaring differences being how comfortable and durable they are.

Are Top Penis Extenders Considered Medical or Cosmetic?

While the awareness of penis girth, or lack thereof, may be a culturally specific phenomenon, the need for effective solutions for Peyronies Disease, or penis panic, is globally significant. In other words: not all men want a huge dick, but every man with Peyronies Disease wants a cure. The ingenious way in which modern Male Enlargement function has, after careful study, been directly linked to the treatment and/or cure of said disease.

Because of this, a Male Enlargement Device can fall into both categories – medical and cosmetic – with the only discernment being how or why it ends up being used. In fact, some health insurance companies cover penis enlargement device when they are prescribed by a medical professional. Yes, you can get a doctor to prescribe a bigger dick for you (but only if you have the disease, so don’t get excited just yet). I’m sure, as well as you are, that health insurance companies are not going to spend their money on a device that doesn’t even work. This is great news for men who have been victims of poorly made products and broken promises.

Just when you think it sounds too good to be true, literature starts coming out about the effectiveness of high quality penis extenders in recent clinical studies. It seems as though, after all this time, we have finally figured out a way to make our dicks longer, stronger, and healthier. It only took us men having to deal with an embarrassing and debilitating disease to figure it out.

Final Thoughts about Male Enlargement Device

A lot of men are quick to underestimate the size of their penile in comparison with the size of other guys. At the same time, some men think they have a small dick when they actually have one that’s average. I think it stands to reason that we men have no idea what we’re talking about, but we can all agree on one thing: each one of us wants a to feel a bigger and better member in our pants. Hell, so do the ladies, apparently.

Regardless of your love life, a big fat dick can make a man feel like a million bucks, even if nobody ever sees it (and what a shame that would be). There used to be freaky folklores passed around about men having their junk shrunk and it scared the shit out of people. Now, we have a handful of companies competing to be the one that will produce the most comfortable penis Enlargement device because, let’s face it, who in the hell is going to strap this thing on their dick for 6 hours a day if it isn’t comfortable and effective? Not me; and I wouldn’t expect you to either.

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