Male Edge Extra Penis Extender

Rated#3 Penis Extender

Welcome to our Male Edge Extra Penis Extender Reviews website and this is third product on the list is another regular in every best penis extender list. Male Edge, just like the other brands also makes use of stretching penile ligaments and cell multiplication for its efficiency. Read to know more about this product.


Male Edge wants to deliver a quality product, so the company designed and hand-made each item in Denmark. It is manufactured using the very best materials and it intended to be light and comfortable to wear for an extended period.

Male Edge Extra

However, the degree of comfort still varies among individuals.
This extender only weighs 65 grams and is equipped with up to 2800 grams tension. This fits penis sizes measuring 1.5-inch to 9-inch in length.
Male Edge Extender is equipped with easy to extend rods with a two-way front piece to fit the device to your size. It is easy to adjust and fit, you will definitely find it very easy to wear but not as comfortable and convenient as the previous two items.

Male Edge Extra Penis Extender FEATURES

This device would not make it in our list without the following features that make it one of the most competitive brands on the market. You will definitely love Male Edge as much as we do after reading below.

Average Length Gain: 28%
Average Girth Gain: 19%

Patented Traction Technology

This device stretches the shaft of the penis that causes the division and multiplication of tissue cells. Over time, this results in tissue growth that lengthens and thickens your penis in weeks or months.

Money Back Guarantee & Warranty

The company is confident with their product that they offer a double money back guarantee. At the time, they have over 500,000 satisfied customers and if you don’t enjoy your purchase, you can return it and get your money back doubled. This also includes a 1-year warranty.

Multilingual Instructions

For those who are living in other countries where English is not the main language, this traction device has online instructions that are available in 6 languages: English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese and Arabic.

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Helpful Website

Aside from the DVD Instructions that are available in different languages, you can find the User Guide on their website. They also offer a program on how to use the device in 6 weeks to see results. It guides you how to get started by providing you the number of hours and the traction that you should apply in your first 6 weeks.

Great Customer Support

This feature is a good indicator that a brand is reliable and trusted. In some cases, you can’t help but have after-sale concerns. You can reach out to Male Edge via email, live chat or you can call them.

Male Edge is a great product with 95% success rate that will surely make any customer happy. It also promises to deliver 28% increase in penis length and 19% increase in girth in just 6 months. This brand is something that you should try on.

Male Edge Extra Packages

Male Edge understands that men have different needs and they are keen in improving their product. Thus, the brand offers their item in a variety of packages. Check out below what suits your need and budget.

• Male Edge Basic ($149.99)
> Male Edge Extra ($174.99)
>> and Male Edge Pro ($199.99)

Efficiency and Success Rate of Male Edge Extra Penis Extender

You will be pleased to know that Male Edge Penis extenders has a  huge success rate of 90%. Using this male enhancement device can bring significant gains in your manhood up to 28% percent for length and 19% for girth in just 6 months. So, don’t hesitate to try this.

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