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Jes Extender Review: It is one of the leading brands in the market of penis extenders. They have been in market from 20 years. AS a result, Jes-Extenders are highly well in extending penis through traction power. Moreover, their latest design, sleek method, Skill full tools and royal feel while using will make you top of the world.


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Male extenders are better than penis pumps

Before stepping ahead, we must clear you that why Extenders are better than Pumps. Nowadays, if there is a rival of male extenders then, it is penis pumps. But Users feel confusion between the two and May be, you may also have the same question in your mind that

‘But How to make a difference between the two’?

Firstly, we will start with a definition

Pumps are those devices who temporary increase penis sizes. Although they claim a permanent increase. But their workings do not contain any logic and In other words, they work the principle of suction. In other words, it mean, that using pump, it creates vacuum .So that more blood pumps in to the veins.

As a result, Penis seems hard and erect. However, extra pump will make your penis bloated. For example, as the balloon deflates, likewise, penis also loses its girth with time. Moreover, if you are old, your penis elasticity reduces. So, Pumping up such penises, will not help the too. Moreover, there are two penis pumps available in the market. For example, Aero pumps and hydro pumps.

Both these pumps, make you confined to a place. For example, Sauna, Shower or a bath tub.

Therefore, you cannot use them anywhere and It has stuff to carry, which will not make you easy anywhere.

Now Let us speak about penis extenders and Then you will who is better for your penis.

Indeed, Extenders work on the principle of Traction.

So, it gently stretches penis, till the cell division starts. Moreover, this rule has scientific proof. So you do not need to worry. You will get results. However, Penis pumps show quick results.

Let us Give You an iron Example

But as everyone knows the concept that Iron gets magnetized quickly but steel magnetized late. And everyone knows who is better?

Moreover, if we talk about the usage. Using a penis extender is far easier. You just need to put it up, any time anywhere And it will start working. Moreover, it has no difficult accessories, you need to carry all the time. However, Penis pumps need water or vacuum for working. Moreover, you need to pump your organ literally. Indeed, it needs man power too.

Moreover the plus point of extenders, is they keep up with the privacy.

So, Just imagine, you are using your male enhancing device and someone sneaks in? However, if you only want a temporary inflated penis. With that cause, go for Penis pumps. But if you really want to increase in penis size and Due to that reason, Choose Penis extenders. But you have to use it regularly. As penis extenders are not fake. So they will not grow your penis with magic

You have to weight and grow some patience as well.


So have brief over view of the makers of the extenders company.

It is a native Company from Den Mark. Moreover, it has introduced its own Jes technology.

What Jes-Extenders claim?

Jes Extenders claim

Extend your penis with comfort and Luxury

There is the slogan thought, by the Jes Extenders. Although it offers similar claims, for example

  1. Jes Extender claims to enhance penis length within 6 months
  2. It will focus on the girth as well
  3. Likewise, It will work against Peronei disease
  4. Similarly, It focuses with your curvature and ED
  5. It will let your penis remain in the right position
  6. But It will give you harder erections
  7. However, It is a kind of exercise for your penis
  8. As a result, It increases blood flow therefore open ups veins

However, it offers something more .And Yes, This makes it special

So we will not delay more

Following is How Jes-Extender makes a difference.

Generally, Jes has two major qualities

Firstly, it is its focus on quality and style.

Indeed, it shares the world best designs, available in the market and Moreover, if we talk about the material, it is fully metallic.

Therefore,it offers a clean, medicated device. As a result, it will never harm your penis. Moreover, the sleek design will make you feel more in the extending process. Moreover, the metallic choice as well the accessories will really suit your personality.

Let us talk about the another aspect

‘Secondly, Jes Technology’

Yes, you read right. You may have seen other extenders using the same technology.But ,the makers of Jes and Male edge, have launched this.

This really helps in the process of increasing penis sizes.

So,the turn of its Package details

Jes extenders have different package deals for offer.So,Let us share all of them, down below. So that, you can choose the best for you

Jes-Extender Basic

Jes Extender provides the basic tools for penis enlargement.Moreover, it comes in a nice case and with an online access to the guide. And its regular price $199.9.

So, let’s tell you, what you will get

  1.  You will get a lavish device with 1200 g traction
  2. Elongation bars
  3. Silicon tube.
  4. Money back details booklet

However,Jes extenders call it as light version of the original. So let us move to the next.


As the makers call it.Because it carries all the pieces which can help you with tour penis enlargement.Because it has added some elements of comfort and grip as well.

Moreover,it has increased its size too. In other words,Men who have penis sizes more than 6.7, also use this as well. However, It is costly than It comes for 239.99.

So let us open the box for you. It has the following tools

  1. Main device
  2. Silicon tube
  3. Double rings
  4. Set of elongation bars
  5. Comfort strap
  6. Cohesive Tape
  7. Guiding Video
  8. Company’ memo.

Moreover,it all comes in a mahogany wooden box. All suits to your choice. Then comes the range, in which JES-EXTENDER give you a choice of selecting your material. In other words, it has multiple of choices.

However, check if you have any allergy to that material or not? Otherwise you have best to go.

So following are the different JES-EXTENDERs

Jes Extender Silver

This jes extender has fully silver elongation bars. Moreover, it has been plated. So it will never get rusty. It comes only for 299.9 only. But it has similar set of tools as above.

Jes Extender Titanium

It has the price of $249.99.However, other tools and traits are same

Jes Extender Gold

It contains premium quality of 24 karat gold.AS a result, it comes for 349.99 only

Finally, Jes Extender Platinum

However, the case of Platinum is different. It contains a set of front pieces as well. As result, it has the price of $1000.

But, How to buy original JES-EXTENDER ?

Buying JES-EXTENDER are very simple.

Jes extenders own a regular website from which you can buy the original Device.

Click on the site and a pop down chat will appear to help you.

But if you do not want to go in talking stuff. Simply get back to the main page. All main packages will come in front of you

You can easily select them and add to the cart. Just add payment method and here, you go. You will be getting your extending at your door step.

Let us talk about the money back guarantee.

JES-EXTENDER are very good in the guarantee. Because, the quality will never hurt you. Remember one thing, the more the guarantee, the more will be its quality. Jes extender offers you a money back guarantee of two years.

For example, if you still do not get the results then how to refund your money? Like every other, extender you need the proof, to claim your refund. After buying your extender, you should make an account

So that you may offer a claim. Every week, you have to share your story with the experts to get more tips and results.

But if you are not satisfied.

You must attach a penile photograph. Especially, the before and after result. With make sure, you add a measuring scale as well. So one can see how you have improved or gained nothing

Satisfying Customers

Jes Extenders have 1000000 happy customer around the globe.

Comparison Time

Comparison always makes a healthy choice. You will get more clear view of the product, Likewise you will be able to compare about the traits and qualities.

So here, we will compare JES-EXTENDER with its sister Brand

Male edge

Male edge and Jes extenders share the same makers. In fact, Back in Den mark, there lies their factories and main offices.

So what is the purpose of making two brands by the same company, in the same field? The reason is simple, because of its Quality and cost and Makers of male edge and Jes extenders are really practical. They understand that not every one, has the same luxury status. That is why, they have focused on all type of users.

Though, all men have penis. But not all men have money. In fact, it’s not about the money. But It’s about the quality, design and traits.

Male edge is a portable, light weight brand. It is made especially with the view point of ease for the users. They come from Plastic material, which do not feel at all on users… Similarly, the joint rings help no fuss in the making. Anyone can use it very easily.

Let us talk about JES-EXTENDER .

Jes Extenders are for those who like to increase with style.

One thing more to tell you that male edge is the basic version of the Jes extender because it uses the same extension technology and However, Jes extenders shows some of the improvements.

It is no more plastic. Infact, It seems like it, makers of Jes Extenders, are now interested in metallic only.

So if you want to have a metallic touch, go for JES-EXTENDERs.

It has a range of metals for its extenders. You can even get a gold or a platinum extender as well.

So feel the luxury on your organs as well.

Moreover, JES-EXTENDER come with more tools, so that process become more lavish and comfortable.

Moreover, the adjustable rings are better than the fixed rings of Male edge.

Likewise, it comes with elongation Bars as well. So you can set and adjust according to your own choice.

So you can use it anywhere at any place.

Let us speak about the safety.

Here, However, Jes extender has the same style like Size genetics.

It comes with lock and Key so that no one can know what you have in that box.

The box have no label on it as well.

Likewsie, It will enhance your comfort as well.

But how about the extension?

As both belong to the same company, both have the same traction power. It is 1200 g.

If you regularly use this for a longer time, you will see results. However, this traction is far less than others and For example, Size genetics has 2800 mg, in fact Quick Extender pro has the most power of 4000 g.

What one can do, is to choose the right size of the extender according to the penis.

Moreover, it comes with the scale. So you can measure it and compare.

Therefore, Male edge is for all those, who are beginners, like to be budget friendly, want to try a male extender or who do not like complex things.

But How it works?

Indeed, it is a business strategy not to disclose the secret of making.

As a result, JES-EXTENDER makers, do not show how it works. They do not share much about its technology.

But let us just talk about it more, Have some FAQ reading.


Indeed, Users ask different questions for their more updates. As a result, We are sharing you some of the frequently ask questions.

So that you might get your answer as well.

What is an extender?

So, An extender is an instrument which is used to extend penis size .It does so by causing Stretching in the tissue cells with the help of traction power.

Why to choose it rather than any other enhancement method?

Because,it is safe with zero side effects. It shows rather quick results. In fact, it works on a scientific principle, so it really shows results. Because Showing result is very important.

Is it a pain full process?

No, it is not a pain full process. Just you have to put on this penis extender on, and the stretching would let your penis grow

I have a 2’inch small penis? Would it work for me?

Penis extenders are especially made for small penises. However,you have to choose the right extender for your body.

When I will see the results?

The results vary with persons. Generally,people see results after 2 to 8 weeks. However, Lucky people see results soon.

Is it expensive?

Jess extenders have come with a range of packages. According to your budget. However,If you need a more budget friendly extender then check out, Jess extender’ sister brand Male edge

I am an old person, I am facing ED now, would it work for me?

Yes, Jess extender works for every one? Who says that only young can have all the fun? Our users are 70 plus as well.

Pros and Cons

In a nutshell, Following are the pros and cons

  •  It shows the best results
  • It is FDA approved
  • Doctors recommend them
  • Jes’ Secret technology is present
  • It is germ’ free
  • Latest and sleek design
  • Comes in a lockable box
  • 2 year longest guarantee
  • Best Customer services

So, Let us show the other side of the picture.

  •  It is only available on the Jes’ own website
  • Known as Costly
  • Comes with fixed sizes


So,if you really want to increase your penis size. In need to improve your sex life and love heavy orgasms. Then you must not take a minute to buy it on.

However, some people say it is costly. But the quality, latest designs and results will never make you regret on this.

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