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Extenze Reviews ,Real Customer Results and Side Effect .

Extenze Reviews Summary. This Male Enhancement Pills (Enhanced formula ) is one of the popular over the counter on-demand erection pills and  Biotab Nutraceuticals manufactured it 

Extenze Plus

In this Extenze Reviews you explore details of This pill currently ranks #1 in on-demand (you may expect results within hours) erection pills and #2 in overall erection pills category (after Vigrx Plus) . Most of its ingredients have been clinically tested with positive results although the efficacy of Extenze plus in itself has not been scientifically tested.

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And it does NOT help in permanent increase in penis length apart from 0.5-1.5 inches temporary boost you get due to superior erection. It comes under 60-days risk-free trial with money back guarantee (excluding shipping charges), if you buy online from

As Popular TV /adult movie market this with personalities such as Ron Jeremy and Jimmie Johnson.

It involve in class-action lawsuits for its claims regarding the permanent increase in penis length without any scientific backings. In 2011, Biotab settled the class action lawsuit without admitting any guilt.

The legal case was more about unsubstantiated claims about a particular claim(permanent increase in penis length) about the product than product fault itself.

Full Extenze Reviews

Note that this Extenze Reviews will cover both positive and negative aspects about without being too biased on either side.Though the review is partially based on my personal experience of this product of over 5 months, it also covers scientific studies and verified user reviews from our community.

What is ExtenZe plus?

ExtenZe Plus (updated version of previous formula) is a herbal male enhancement supplement that helps improve the strength and frequency erection and boosts libido.

The new Extenze plus formula is a gel cap (not tablet), which helps in getting absorbed quickly. Also, it has “Extended release formula” with time-release beadlets, which basically helps in the controlled release of slow metabolizing ingredients (Velvet Bean Extract, Niacin, Yohimbe, Ribulus terrestris, DHEA, and Tongkat Ali) for longer lasting results.

ExtenZe plus:

  • As it Helps circulate blood to the penis. This is how the supplement increases the size and tenacity every time you have an erection.
  • For longer and bigger erections
  • Increases sex drive minimal effort and keep things spontaneous.
  • Improves the quality of orgasm

What is it made of?

This product uses natural herbal aphrodisiacs, amino acids, and nutrients such as:

  • Korean Ginseng

Ginseng helps in increasing libido and sexual performance and affecting the central nervous system and tissues in the gonads. The effects of ginseng on the corpus cavernosum mediated by the release of nitric oxide from endothelial cells and perivascular nerves. [1]

  • Micronized DHEA
  • Tribulus Extract
  • Eleuthero Extract
  • Pumpkin Extract
  • Deer Velvet Antler
  • Hops Extract
  • Horny goat weed (Epimedium)

Icariin (ICA) is the active moiety of Epimedium and ICA  has phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibiting effects (similar to prescription pills).

In total, there are 22 proprietary ingredients in ExtenZe Plus.

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Does it have any side effect?

Take note that it contains Yohimbe. This is a stimulant. And Though taking it is not an issue for most users, you shouldn’t use Yohimbe if you’re taking medicine for diabetes, or if you have kidney, liver, or heart problems. You may try Vigrx plus( no Yohimbe) if you have any of the conditions mentioned above.

How is this taken?

It comes in a capsule form though but is available in liquid forms as well. You can take this in short drink bottles but you can have it as over-sized energy drink cans too. It is better taken in liquid form since it absorbs better. But some can’t tolerate liquid, so capsules can be another option. For liquids, one bottle or can daily suffice. But take note that cans are hard to be found since many stores don’t stock them. A capsule a day can be another option.

What its users have to say

Some of them reported having 20% increases in their erect penis size after using the product consistently. However, others did not have the same luck. Hence, it is highly recommended that the product is used continuously for at least 3 months to achieve the desired results. Though this product may not g9-inch9 inch penis out of the blue, its users claimed considerable growth in their erect penis size, ejaculation control and longer erection. On top of that, its reasonable price makes it more sellable to the public.

Does Extenze plus really work?

It depends on what you want to achieve and your risk tolerance. Unless you are a heart or diabetes patient, Extenze plus is one of the best herbal formulations you can buy to get better and frequent erections with minimum side effects. Note that though it increases the erect penis length, the effect is not permanent.  You may need to use pumps or penis extender with supplements to have permanent growth in length.

Where can I buy it from?

ExtenZe is available at some of the local GNC stores. Most of the Walmart outlets appear to be selling old Extenze capsules. You can also buy it easily online from the official website. A 5 pill pack comes at a retail price of $36, and a 3 month supply on their official website for $160 and save big.

There is no active coupon right now. (Updated on March 2018)

 Money back guarantee and Free trial

This product has a 60-day money back guarantee which makes it pretty much risk-free for new users. But you need to save the empty container to claim the refund. You must buy from the official website to be covered under this scheme.

How long does it take for the effect and how long does it last?

Though the manufacturer recommends taking one pill every day for best results, most of the users (even my own personal experience), it can be taken on-demand basis(ie you can pop the pills and it will take one hour to kick in).

Anyway, you can follow the manufacturer’s advice for best results. Initially, you may start with one pill with a full stomach to test your tolerance and adjust the dosage/take it with the lighter stomach for more effectiveness. Typically, the effect of pills last for 4 to 6 hours.

Given their 60 days money back guarantee, it is one of the first product you should go for to bring back fireworks to your bedroom. Just keep the expectation realistic and have safe-sex!

Frequently Asked Questions About Extenze

What does the pill Extenze do to you
What is the most effective male enhancement pill?
Does Extenze have any side effects?
What pill makes you last longer in bed?

How Do I Use ?

Ans.The user is supposed to take one pill daily. Ensure you take it after a meal, and do not exceed the prescribed dosage as it may have adverse effects.

What Are The Precautions When Using ExtenZe?

Ans.The user should not exceed the recommended dosage. Avoid it if you have allergies if you are under medication or if you are a minor. Keep it out of reach of children

How Long Before I See Any Improvements?

Ans.The results of using this product can be seen after a short period of time. However, the manufacturer does not specify the time it will take. The consistency of use is the best way to get maximum benefits. 

Does It Really Work?

Ans.This is the best male enhancement pill in the market that improves the male sexual health. The pills are loaded with the required nutrients and vitamins to ensure you get the best out of them. The manufacturer has used well-researched ingredients and also assures the users of the safety, potency and effectiveness of this product.

The herbs contained in the ingredients allows the body to power up the penis, increasing the sex drive. This allows one to feel more intenseness of sex as well as having the massive orgasm.

How Should You Take Extenze plus?

Ans.If you take a look at the label, you will discover that you need to take one capsule of ExtenZe every day.

How Much Is -Price?

Ans.The price depends on the package you order. If you want a single pack that will last for one month, it will cost you $59.95 plus shipping costs. For two packs, you will have to pay $109.95 while three ExtenZe packagings will cost you $159.95. Finally, the best offer includes a 6-month supply of ExtenZe plus free shipping on the US soil and this will cost you $309.95.

 Return Policy?

Ans.In case you are not satisfied with ExtenZe Plus, you have the right to use the manufacturer’s 60-day return policy. They guarantee that they will return the entire amount reduced by handling and shipping costs.

Does  Offer a Free Trial?

Ans.While there is no free trial offer available, you can still utilize the refund policy and test the product for 60 days. In case you are not satisfied, the company will return the money and you will only pay shipping costs.

How Long Does It Take for the Effect and How Long Does It Last?

Ans.If you want to achieve maximum results of using ExtenZe, you should use the product for approximately eight weeks. The effects may vary depending on the user, but the manufacturer claims that everyone will see a benefit from using it.

Final Verdict ( Extenze Reviews )

In the Last of this Extenze Reviews, For men suffering from erectile dysfunction and others who want to improve their sexual performance, this is the supplement for you. The formula is designed to improve the quality of your erections for increased sexual pleasure. This sex pills is ideal for men in any age group above 18 years old.

This supplement is comprised of quality herbal ingredients that are fast acting for maximum benefits. Using this product guarantees the user enormous, firmer and recurrent erection and enhanced size of the erection. This helps to improve the user’s confidence and self-esteem.

Additionally, this product comes with the money back guarantee in the event that the user does not get the desired results. This acts as a proof that this product fulfills the promises that it claims and For men in any age bracket, this product is for you because you deserve quality and awesome sex.

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