Does jelqing work ? Jelqing Before and after Results Like with Jelqing

Does jelqing work ?

Jelqing is the name of a kind of massage technique for the penis. It is believed to improve the size of your erection. It involves massaging your penis in a way which stretches it and improves blood flow.

The technique actually comes from the ancient middle-east but is now known across the world. It’s popular because it doesn’t involve any medication or special training, but does it actually work?

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Does jelqing work

What are the Jelqing results ?

Does it actually work? 

– it has never been proven to increase the size of erections in studies. Unfortunately you won’t be able to rely on jelqing have a direct effect on the way your erections works.

So a doctor wouldn’t recommend it? – well actually, if done safely a doctor might recommend it as a way for a man to get comfortable with their body and better understand their erection. If you aren’t able to achieve a full erection. It can also help you to appreciate the difference between your penis when it’s flaccid and when it’s erect which can help ease anxieties about the size of your erection.

So there’s no harm in trying? – as long as it’s done correctly there isn’t any harm in trying and seeing if you get anything out of the technique. Having said that, there is a risk of doing it wrong and potentially harming yourself. Make sure you consider the following points if you try jelqing:

  • It shouldn’t cause pain or harm if done right
  • Doing it wrong could lead to bruising or even permanent damage
  • Doing it wrong can lead to problems with your erections, such as erectile dysfunction
  • If you injure yourself using the technique you should medical help as soon as you can
  • You can avoid harm by doing the following:
  • Don’t be too rough
  • Don’t practice the technique too often
  • Warm up first

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jelqing before and after results

The Jelq method :

this method is known to have incredible amazing result , it can enlarge your manhood size by more than 7 inches in length and 5 in circumference. ,with this method you will start to see the result in the 5th week , but obviously not huge results , but an increase of about 0.5 to an inch , but after 6 to 12 months of doing , you will see drastic changes the average change is 4 inches increase.

how to perform the jelq method:

for optimal results do it everyday . consistency is golden when enlarging your organ.

step 1 . make sure you warmed up using the method i mentioned in the beginning.

2 . make an O symbol , by putting your forefinger on top of your thumb then grasp the base of your penis, this will result in cutting blood circulation and creates more blood collecting in the cells.

3 . start to move your hand upwards towards the shaft , as if you are milking the blood into the shaft.

4 . as soon as you reach the tip of the penis , change hands and do it again for about 15 to 25 minutes.

note: you will see the appearance of bruises which is completely normal as you start. and it is recommended that you do this with a semi erect penis 

How do you practice Jelqing?

Follow this step-by-step guide if you want to try jelqing for yourself:

  1. Apply lubrication before starting to jelq – you should apply some lubricant to your penis; this can be Vaseline, lotions, baby oil or any which you’re comfortable with. You’d feel a lot of chafing, irritation and overall discomfort without one these
  2. Stroke your penis gently until it’s about 70% erect – make sure it’s not fully erect, the idea is that it should still be relaxed enough to let you push blood through it. You shouldn’t jelq if you have a full erection
  3. Use the right grip – you should hold your penis with an ‘okay grip’, which is when you use your thumb and index finger to make almost a ‘thumbs up’ gesture or ‘O-shape’
  4. Start your grip at the base of your penis – slowly, with a light pressure, move it up the penis. This shouldn’t cause any pain to you
  5. Release your grip before you reach the tip – this completes one ‘jelq’.
  6. Repeat the process – with each jelq taking about 2-3 seconds. You can use either one hand for each repetition or alternate between your hands depending on what you prefer

Try different grips 

– if you don’t get the results you want, or you aren’t happy with the normal ‘okay grip’, then you can try another. You might want to change the way you hold your penis with a ‘pincer grasp’.

In this, you’re still using your thumb and index finger but the thumb will be on the underside of the penis whilst the index finger is on top. Both of them are curved to point downwards so it looks like you’re trying to pick up something. 

Trouble with over-stimulation? – if this is something which happens to you quite often, then you might want to consider jelqing without any lubrication. You do just need to be extra careful that you don’t put too much strain and pressure on your penis.

Using a device – you might want to use machines or devices, instead of just one or both of your hands. Do remember that since your genital area is very sensitive, that you buy devices from trusted websites and that you check with your doctor if you’re not sure. One example of a similar device to try is the penis pump.

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Are there other exercises that can improve erections?

Although there’s not evidence that jelqing can improve your erections, planning your exercise in other ways can help. For example:

  • Pelvic floor exercises– these have been proven to improve erections in men
  • General exercise – improving your fitness level can help
  • Exercise for weight loss – losing weight if you’re overweight can help you erections
  • Avoid excessive cycling – there have been studies showing excessive cycling has been linked to poorer erections

Pelvic floor exercise – some studies suggest that pelvic floor exercises might be a good approach for resolving erectile dysfunction. One study suggested that just 3 months could be enough to restore normal erectile function.

General exercise – by improving your fitness and circulation you can help improve the blood supply to your penis which will help your erections in turn. Too little physical exercise is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

Exercise for weight loss – like not taking exercise, being overweight can negatively affect your circulation which can lead to problems getting or staying hard. Using exercise as part of weight loss programme could help improve your erections.

jelqing gains before and after and 
jelqing results pictures

Just like exercise, the results and period before noticing any gains vary. Depending on the time and effort of the routine as well as physiology of the performer, noticeable results vary from a few weeks to a few months as reported. Penis exercise professionals and forums on the internet document the varying results in achieving the penis exercising goals.

To be honest, it’s difficult to guess how well the jelqing routines will work for someone because everyone is different.

However, some people have benefited immensely with jelqing just as for some people into bodybuilding, results come in easily even with light exercise and not so easily for others. However, in order to maintain your results, light exercise is always required. This light exercise might be as simple as achieving an erection for some people. Use it or lose it.

While medical institutions have not devoted research to studying the success of jelquing routines in men, many certified professionals have taken this task on. Dr. Richard Howard and thousands of men who practice a dedicated jelquing routine have reported much success.

Jelqing Results

Make every effort to jelq for the length that is full of penis. Don’t get sluggish and corners that are cut. You intend to push blood through the entire length that is whole of penis to train every one of it and optimize your gains.

It’s important you do that.

You may notice your girth will increase while jelqing temporarily. The jelqing that is constant and sessions will add up to add to a fuller, wider penis (girth gains).

The guys with minor to no dysfunction that is erectile get their semi-erection after some jelqing strokes. The lubricant you utilize will also stimulate which help your boner.

As you’re counting your reps or time that is keeping you will notice that your penis are red – this is a result of a combination of all the bloodstream pressed in to the penis combined with fact that you’re rubbing against your penis skin.

All in all, that is good as you’re training your penis.

Remember, jelqing is a blood that is excellent exercise to do after manual stretching exercises.

You will definitely most probably be flaccid when you begin your jelqing session. The target is to get your erection level up to 50% to start.

Are there other natural alternatives to jelqing?

If you are looking to enhance the size of your erect penis generally, you may have heard of some options:

  • Male enhancement products
  • Herbal supplements
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Male enhancement products – there are many products available, especially online, which are marketed at increase the size of your erections. There is no clinical evidence that these work and because they are not well regulated they can put you at risk. In fact, analysis at the University of Maryland in the US revealed traces of lead, pesticides, E. coli and animal faces in some samples they looked at.

Herbal or dietary supplements – herbal products and dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals have not been shown to improve penis size or function. Again due to poor regulated these can sometimes have harmful substances in.

Diet and lifestyle – if you’re overweight or not taking regular exercise this can negative affect the blood supply to your penis and reduce the strength and size of your erections. Eating a balanced diet and taking regular exercise in general can improve your health and potentially your erections.

jelqing before and after pictures

How else can you improve erections?

PDE5-inhibitor medications – these work by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide, a natural chemical your body produces that relaxes muscles in the penis. This increases blood flow and allows you to get a stronger erection in response to sexual stimulation. 

With our service you can order a number of medications to improve your erections, including:Viagra

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You usually take one of these about 15-60 minutes before having sex, some of which (Viagra and vardenafil) work best if you’ve not eaten within the last 2 hours. Cialis, which can be taken regardless of having eaten recently, and acts for longer (up to 24-36 hours) compared with Viagra and Levitra (up to 4-12 hours).

Counselling – erection problems commonly occurs in men as a result of psychological and mood-related causes. It’s important that if you feel like you need someone to talk about your erection problems then you should find a qualified professional to discuss them with.

This could help you improve your erections and help relieve any distress your erections problems are causing you.

Surgery – this is a very serious decision to make but there are some surgeries designed to enhance the appearance or function of your erect penis:

  • It’s usually a last resort
  • It’s not usually done on the NHS
  • It comes with some risks and side effects
  • It involves a permanent change to your penis

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