Does jelqing work ? Jelqing Before and after Results Like with Jelqing

Does jelqing work ?

Jelqing is the form of massage method that is all about the penis.  It hence plays a vital role in bringing an improvement in your erection sizing. For the massaging of the penis area of the body, we would be in addition making it call upon as the most effective method.

Does jelqing work

It likewise stretches the penis on natural terms and would be beneficial in the constant flow of the blood cycle in your body.

This method in addition originates for the very first time in the Ancient Middle East era. It is follow up even today in addition to many parts of the world.  It is getting hugely popular hence for the reason that it does not offer any medications or any pills or drugs dosage use.

But the major question is, how it works for your body!

How does Jelqing work for your body?

It has been on the whole investigate that it plays a vital role to increase the sizing of the improve erections in your body.

Although doctors would not be recommending it to the men of all age groups, it would be approve in the course of stages when the body of any individual would be able to deal with it on natural terms.

Jelqing would be hence much helpful for you to figure out the actual difference between your penis!

In addition as the erection would start, it would also make you feel as if the anxieties level in your body has been relaxed much. This is all made possible due to the steady erection increase in your body.

Is Jelqing harmful to perform?

Knowing about the risks as well as complications of Jelqing results is another essential thing to talk about! There are no risks till now if it is performed correctly.

There are in addition no harms in erections in condition if the method is done in the right direction. Similarly doing in a wrong manner would bring some harmful results for your male enhancement.

Additionally you need to consider in mind some essential points, as mentioned below:

  • Likewise it is not painful if it is done in the right direction.
  • For instance if not done correctly would be leading to the conditions of bruising or some damage too.
  • Carrying it out in some wrong manner would be further leading to the erection issues, including erectile dysfunction.
  • In addition you should not be too much rough with your hand movement while using it.
  • Plus you should not be practicing this method so many times.
  • Just warm your hands first.

How can the Jelq method show results?

Moreover his whole method is about giving out some fantastic and excellent results in the male penis area. You would be likewise surprise enough to learn that your penis size has increased to around 7 inches more in length. 

In the 5th week, the further results of the method would be evident in front of you. Although the results would not be big enough, you would experience the increase to around 0.5 inches! The results would be apparent for instance after six months of constant use.

On the next if you want to get quick and many consistent results, then making use of it daily would be coming across as much helpful and vital for you. Here we have further step by step method for using this erection technique for the beginners:

  1. Step by step tutorial to perform Jelqing Technique:

    You should warm up your hands for example thoroughly.

  2. make an O sign of your hand.

    Further by the help of your forefinger, you have to make an O sign of your hand. Later on you will be placing the finger on the top direction of the thumb

  3. shaft direction

    In the shaft direction furthermore, you have to let your hand be moved in the upward trend.  This would be later on important if you are generating the milk to the shaft of your penis.

  4. Change the movement of your hands

    In addition as you reached the top of the penis, you have to change the movement of your hands and perform the whole technique again for the next 20-25 minutes.

Essential guidelines to practice Jelqing:

Besides do you want to practice jelqing for your self-help? If yes, then here we have a complete tutorial in step by step detail for you for easy improve learning:

  • Further in the starting of the process, you would be applying the lubrication. This lubrication later on would be apply straight away on the penis. This can in addition be in the form of a lotion or some baby oil.  You can furthermore use any cream with which you are comfortable.  In the starting, you might feel an appearance of bruises on the top of the penis that is quite a lot common.
  • Until the erection doesn’t reach 70%, you have to keep on stroking your penis. But be careful that it does not reach to the level of being completely erect. Even on the additional and usual conditions, the erection would be for instance possible to increase the flow of blood in your penis by jelqing. 
  • You need to later on hold your penis part with the right hold grip of your hands.  This would let you make the important use of your thumb as well as index finger too.
  • By gently further you have to start from the base area of your penis in slow motion.  Next put some light pressure to make your further stroke movement much easy on the penis. This would not be likewise painful for you.
  • In addition as you reach the grip, you have to release yourself. This would complete the whole process work of jelqing in the same way.

Can you improve an erection with exercises?

There are no such kinds of evidence besides by which you can quickly get an improvement in your erection with the exercises. But planning your exercises in a healthy routine can help you a bit.  Some of the basic equally important exercises which you can try are as mentioned below:

  • Pelvic floor exercises additionally have conclusively proven to help you to improve the set of erections in all age groups of men.
  • In addition general exercises would help enhance the level of your fitness.
  • If you are overweight, then choosing with some weight loss exercises can help you a lot in improving your erection level.
  • for instance try to stay away from too much cycling all the time.  There have been so many studies that might link the cycling with a reduced level of erections.

How to get successful Jelqing Results?

To get 100% successful Jelqing results, it is in addition essential to make sure that you are putting your side of efforts as well. Just performing jelqing would not bring last excellent outcomes. Don’t be lazy in performing it on an further everyday basis.  If you are striving to push the whole blood in your penis, then make sure the erections jelqing is perform in the right manner.

for instance on performing the jelqing temporarily, you would notice the girth of the penis to get increased for sure. Permanently, the penis would become as a result broader and fuller in length.

As a result you would rub the skin of your penis and the blood would start its circulation, the penis would get red.  All you need to do is to give your penis the best consequently training in an erection.  Jelqing is a process of blood that is the form of exercise to carry out with some manual series of stretching exercises.

Overview of different natural alternatives to jelqing:

If you are not comfortable in performing equally important jelqing gains method, then there are so many more alternatives which you can try besides jelqing.  Some of the major furthermore alternatives jelqing are as mentioned below:

  • Male enhancement supplements
  • Herbal products
  • A healthy diet and life routine

Male enhancement best supplements are becoming so much popular and furthermore huge in demand for the reason of being useful for men body in increasing the sex drive.  They are all marketed for instance in increasing the size of your erection. Although there is no evidence that they can work for you, but it’s working process would be depending on the type of body functioning.

Use of Herbal Pills for Increasing Erection:

Herbal pills or supplements are for instance the form of dietary products. They are manufacture through the use of similarly vitamins and minerals richness in it.  But sometimes they can bring harmful results to the body.

Diet and an equally important healthy lifestyle are much essential for people who are underweight and even overweight as well. In addition try to maintain a balanced diet in your whole day routine and take upon with some regular series of exercises on the general level for increasing the potential of your erections.


This is the complete equally important discussion about the Jelqing and how it would be helpful for your body in a healthy way.  This method is likewise simple and easy to perform as we did mention a complete tutorial of steps for the beginners as well. It additionally increases your penis size erection in a perfectly healthy manner and would contribute a healthy lifestyle for you.

Try it now for getting equally important results!

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