Best Penis Extenders (Stretchers) For Length and Girth Gain

Penis Extenders are wonder full but mechanical devices which are used to extend penile length and size, to a desirable number. As, This is a new invention in the industry of penile enlargement section, Users still have various questions in their plate to ask , That is why, We welcome you on this site so that you may get all the questions, you have in your plate

What is Penis Extender?

Based on the new concept, Penis Extenders are one of those penis Enlargement Device , which will actually help you to solve all your problems, regarding sexuality.

Is not it a wonder full opportunity that you and your partner get a chance to spend some time in private

But what is more shame full and pain full if you do not have the chance to show your great love for her. By the way, is not that pain full?

Many of you, would have gone through such condition.

Due to the reason of Small penis or a penile with bad curvature which is unable to fulfill all your desires in the bed.

Al though, There are several devices present in the market before Extenders

Top Rated Best Penis Extenders 2019

RatingBrand NameProduct NameProduct PriceAvailability
5.0 SizeGenetics™SizeGeneticCheck PriceIn Stock
4.9MaleEdgeMaleEdgecheck Price In Stock
4.7Jes-ExtenderJes-ExtenderCheck Price In Stock
4.6LEADING EDGE HEALTHProExtender®Check Price In Stock

Enhancement Pills

Some people think that male enhancement pills are the safest option in the race of enlarging penile. However, it is slowest one. male enhancement pills do not enhance manhood. They only boosts up the male hormones for better libido. They work on a similar fashion of opening up clogged veins and allowing more blood in the penile section.

This is therefore a very time consuming process. Which not only increases the chance of addiction, moreover it increases the probability of Side effects. Although, these pills makes claim to have natural ingredients but still they are unable to prevent you from side effects.

Let us talk about another famous way to increase penis pumps

Penis Pumps

According to the users and experts, it is the most suitable yet safe way for those people who wanted to make their penis rise to e height. It has definitely less side effects. In fact, it gives instant results.

But this is based on a poor strategy, just like air is pumped in to a tire likewise, Suction makes the penile elongated and thicker and It is for temporary time only. The only worst thing about it, it’s often you get your penile as an over blown balloon, which is about to burst.


Then the final stage comes for the permanent enhancement of is surgery. People think that it is a better way to enhance penile. But in actual, surgery is an option for those people who are suffering from Bad curvature syndrome or Small Penis Syndrome. Otherwise, adding inches to your dick by the method of Surgery is just not a good Idea Furthermore, It is costly and Can causes, several problems which cannot be un done once surgery is done

Penis Extenders are not a very old device. They have been based upon tissue replication, Hence this method actually helps in Penile Enlargement.

Let’s see what it offers as compared to enhancement pills, Penis Pumps and surgeries.

  • It promises to provide a visible yet permanent results; hence do not form  temporary results just like other methods of enlargement
  • It offers great Comfort level. Unlike Penile Pumps, who will make your penile feel bloated, this is a very light method to handle and feel very great.
  • Moreover, this device claim to set your curvature right. It means, if your organ head still lies down even after the complete erection. Or, your penile do not remain in an upright position. Then this device will surely help you
  • Likewise, if the dick is smaller than usual, no matter if it is only two inches long. Best Penis Extender helps in this regard as well.
  • It boosts up your confidence and score.
  • It confirms no more regular hospital visits.

Let’s you how the magic happens

Indeed, This Device works magic for all those who are facing related issue. Hence this is a miracle, every man should thank to. Before discussing, how it does magic. Let’s us tell you about the parts in general

UN like Peni pumps, who come with a glass tube and a pump. This comes with an entire kit

Following are the material which comes within the kit

A base Elongater or Cylinder or Structure, whatever you say it!

It is a supporting two thin rod based structure on which, you can rest your penile. In other words, you do not need  your hands to lift your penis all the time, This elongater will help itself .This comes in various material, from Hard plastic to Alum-Nick Compound , hence an amalgam of aluminum and nickel or purely Nickel.

This not only helps Penile to stay in real position but also helps in to remain comfortable. As a result, you can even use your extender while sleeping as well. Likewise, it will not let your penis loose its natural appearance and if you have faced any curvature problem, it will correct that too.

Moreover, this is adjustable so that you can change it once you start seeing changes in your penis length and size.


These rings are generally made of Plastic. They are designed in the girth shape of penile so that, they can provide maximum support to the organ and let Extender do its work in the best way. They come in pairs. One is put on the base of your organ, so that the elongater remain in position and the second one is placed on your penis head. So that you can even the head of your penis get comfort.

Manageable Screws

However, some extenders come with a booster, which enhances traction. These screws helps to set the position of organ and the Extender Kit.

What they does, Is to secure the organ in penis. So that during use, it does not move and attain maximum results. Moreover, these screws UN tightens the grip on penile when it begin to thicken and longer in circumference and length respectively.

Finally, we will discuss how it works.

First of all, when Penile is placed in the elongater. Its cells are relaxed. They get maximum support, as a result, they feel breathe and This is a good way to start

As the expert says, that Penile too get tired being in pants and then in sexual activity. Penis too needs relaxation.

Therefore, Best Penis Extenders soothes the muscles and tissues. Likewise, it aligns penis rightly over the testis, as a result, reducing pressure on the testis.

As the elongater works, the muscles are strengthened by stretching

This stretching his two folded benefits

Firstly, it acts an exercise of the muscles, especially when your organ is not in sex mode

Secondly, the stretching helps in cell division.

And In reality, this cell division helps in the penis enhancement.

What is the science behind it?

Usually, cell divides in normal fashion in all over the body. But as any part of the body, gets in a work which needs more movement and energy, it grows

Just like the blacksmith whose hammer hand has more biceps? Or for example, the neck of Girraphe. It is elongated so that the animal can get the leafy meals from the tall trees.

Likewise, Organ cells are too divide and increase in number, when pressure is exerted and they stretched themselves by the help of Penis elongater.

In other words, you can say that the process of Mitosis happens.

However, we are not going towards Science. But to understand the myth, this information will be satisfying you.

Moreover, as far your curvature is concerned, Penis can also get rid of false curvature. The reason is, Penis remain in the extender for several hours regularly

This things helps penile support. Moreover, addicting penile to stay in the set position.

Doctors say, this is a regular method, just like close reduction, which helps to set Penis.

As the organ cells divide, more nutrition is pumped through the veins for the newly made cells.

This nutrition helps the organ to remain nourished and active

Therefore, Penis acts more quickly for sexual desires.

Likewise, nutrition comes in blood, and the free flow of blood works to generate pressure and let the penis erect during sex drives.

Years back, there were a few extenders however nowadays, there are multiple extender.

Quite Similar in appearance but different in quality and performance.

Let us talk about, how you can choose the best one for yourself?

As every finger print is different, likewise the penis (1,2,3,4) and penile system too.

You firstly observe what type of problem you are facing.

Think about the erectile dysfunction, peronei disease and small penile problems

Are you allergic to plastics, Aluminum Nickel or any other material, which is user in the making of the product, if you are then cancel out the product?

Check the traction level. Usually, more traction can fix your problems more easily. However, Along with the tractions, one should also see other factors too.

Check if the Best penis extender has a proven medical certification or not.

Moreover, as penile extender are used for a longer period so that the material should be durable and according to your organ type.

It should be comfortable and have better qualities to combat with your problems with care.

That is why, we have listed 5 phenomenon best Penis Extenders. With their qualities

So that you may be able to understand all those and choose which to buy

Following are the names, this is to note that these Best Penis extenders are medically certified, safe and used by millions of users. Moreover, many go them comes in further varieties and combos.

So be patient and check them all.

Because a hasty decision will not give your stem grow.

#1. Size Genetics

SizeGenetics Review

How about Knowing about its company first?

Size Genetics rules not only the first position in our list but also the market these days. Size genetics has a US based company, who follows the new formula for its users. Having a main office in United States, It still manages to ships in times.

Overview of Best penis extenders

First what’s unique in Sex genetics is a Best penis extender which is newly launched in 2001, comparable to others who are in market since mid-90s. It has a unique design, unlike others who have metallic material and feels very heavy.

This comes with comfortable light weight but durable plastic kit, however, it too has the elongater rods of metal which really helps in straightening your organ. It has 2800 gram large traction power. It offers successful claims of increasing penis size. Assuring you complete refund and maintaining your privacy. The best think about it, it comes with a case to safely carry it to anywhere, with a lock and key mechanism.

Following are the Specialties of SizeGenetics

  • Moreover, the traction power is 2800 gm. This traction power is best enough to see results. Moreover, even beginners get more used to it.
  • It is fully safe, hence it makes sure that it will not loosen itself. Even it is used for years.
  • As it is plastic, you can easily wash it in a dish washer. The components are easy to separate and connect later on.
  • If you apply sanitizer to it, you plastic case will not wither out.
  • It is adjustable and flexible and comes in a variety of packages. You can check the website for more details.
  • Moreover, it is one of those few Best penis extenders who takes care of your privacy. So you can enjoy the fruits without letting anyone embarrass you.

How about talking its packages and price range.

It offers three Packages, Each designed according to the need and choices of the person. In fact, the colors from red, Yellow, white are available as well.

Its shipping policy

If you are residing in US or nearby, you will get your sex genetics in 24 hours. Is not that fast? But if you live in any other continent than Europe, It may take to 1 to 4 days for shipping.

In the nut shell, it is a love for every man on Earth. But its official site will tell you more about this Read Review

#2. Male Edge

Male Edge

As the name says it all, Male edge, focuses on the males, even they are over the edge of sexual penile issues.

This product is therefore made in Denmark, and from there, it is shipped to every corner of the world.

First of all, let us speak of the company.

The company has two main Headquarters one in Denmark and the second one in USA.

Where the whole staff works very hard to provide great services to their customers. Not only to sell their product but also after the selling services.

But the question arises, How will help you?

Male Edge Works on the similar fashion. It provides traction power to penile, so that it gets elongated and enhanced. Unlike, other best penis extenders, it does not make your penis lumpy.

As it has the latest design, It is especially designed to come with adjustable pulleys so that, this can be adjusted according to the length size. This feature helps users to share it with others too. However, one must follow proper hygiene before sharing this too. Male edge is very easy to use.

Male Edge has the degree of Urology

Male Edge team proudly claim that its quality has the mark of Department of Urology, University of Britain. The experts have checked and tested Male Edge and claimed it the best device, suitable for Penis and its sexual problems.

Let’s Speak what it has bring you in the cart,

It offers three ideal packages for you.

  • The basic Package
  • The Package Extra
  • Pro package

Now brace yourself, we will be giving you the pros of the great Male edge

  • Male edge is very much affordable, and easy to handle. It never makes you regret on your choice.
  • All above mentioned Packages, comes in under a very affordable price Tag. The price starts from the $149.99 and closes up under $199.99.
  • It comes with soft Pouch , making your device sound
  • Male edges takes care of your privacy

Consequently, there are no great cons of this product except that you should buy only from the company ‘store. Read Review

#3. Jes Extender


It is based upon Jes Extender technology. Jes extenders are the oldest users of the Jes technology. As a result, These penis Enlargement Device believe in the light weight devices yet providing the traction.

Jes Extenders, Offers you the following

  • It offers you the better erection
  • Similarly, A nice curvature to make the ladies die for.
  • Even, if you are not suffering from the disease, you still can reach to the peaks.
  • It claims to maintain the perfect Sex life, you never want to loose
  • It offers effortless stretching.

Now, let you read about the different packages

Generally, Jes extenders focuses has launched 7 series. In making these, they have focused that the quality of the material increases, Choose the material according to the durability. All these will really suit your class, For example

  • Jess extender light
  • Then Original Jess
  • Likewise, titanium
  • Moreover, silver
  • Then, gold
  • Lastly, platinum

Although, Jes extenders have ruled the market for many years but now its fame is less.

Following are the reasons

Firstly, It is old fashioned, the rods material changes not the design. In fact, every new package comes up with increase in money, Moreover, The deals are not attractive. Therefore, Jes Extenders loosen after a period of time. They are only found online. Read Review

#4. Pro extender

Pro Extender Review

Pro extender is one of the oldest Best Penis extenders in the market. Moreover, It is available since the mid of 90s.This device is well aware of the sexual problems and is well capable of Fighting It back.

As far as the pro extenders, they rule the last position on our list. But before telling you, what are its pros and cons. let us share some interesting information about it.  Extenders are the most light weight extenders in the market. It is small yet efficient. You will never feel it at all. Therefore, it will make you like wearing feathers. So now the time is here, to share its stars and cross.


  • Firstly, It is one of the most trust worthy Product and People have used it for ages
  • Secondly, It is light and easy to handles
  • Lastly, It shows results after regular use


  • It still follows the old designs
  • It has no head Ring
  • Extender Pro has done nothing  for its slip issue
  • It is not adjustable in size, In other words. Once you have increase your length, you have to buy another Extender Pro next in the series.
  • The material used is not classy and strong as compared with the others.

Lastly, For More details, Please Pay a visit to the official site.

#5. Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender pro Review

Pro Extender is another Penile extender, which is very popular among masses.

But before moving ahead, let us follow the tradition of knowing the company’ data?

Indeed, the company ‘main office is in USA like other famous Best penis extenders, however it is still on position 4.

Generally, it comes with an Aluminum material kit. It is quite tough and rather gives a solid feel. Moreover, The Company claims 4000 mg strong traction. But you will be thinking, that why it is not in the first three positions.

The reasons are the following

Because, Only High traction is not enough, In fact, User comfort is very much important. Its metallic frame lacks the penile head lifting Ring, which will not help users to enjoy moments while this penis extender on.

The metallic design, although safe and durable, but still is an old design, comparable to other penile extender. Moreover, it gives you a feel that you are using a medical instrument on your organ.

Likewise, it seems like technical and hard to carry for a longer time. Moreover, to avoid itching. This device has silicon pads to wear, although it is known as the pros of this. However, all these stuff make very irritating for the user to wear on for a longer time on regular basis. Therefore, Being Metallic, It can easily be mixed with germs. So regular cleaning and sanitation is necessary.

Then why should you buy this?

This device is one of those devices who show really quick results. Its high traction power will not make you wait long. It will start wear and tear of the cells and cause the division. Moreover, it also has 4 package deals each one, specified to deal with a specific problem. So if you are ready to use a use a metallic design with regular maintenance, you should surely consider this one.

Visit the site to know more about the product.

Frequently asked Questions

Usually, FAQs comes with those answers which are though not directly related to extenders but help more to understand them

What is the age limit for extenders?

Generally, there is no age limit. Everyone can use it and enjoy the benefits. But one should suggest that you should be at least 16 years old.
Otherwise, there is no maximum limit, In fact, this is even better for the oldies. This can be very satisfying for the people who are new to the field. Moreover for those too, who were the players and still be the game changers.

Can I try Walmart?

Although, Walmart is one of the trusted online ware houses where there are multiple products with deals as well. But the thing is, if you will buy from the original website, you will be getting other benefits as well. In a way that, you will be guarantee of quality, will be sent with the general spare parts .Moreover, the original sites will take care of your privacy.

How about GNC, Walgreen or Amazon?

We have the similar opinion about them as well. Although, they may have Best penis extenders but there is no guarantee of being original. The material could be of medium quality or the kits used or UN sanitized. The prices vary as well. Moreover, such websites do not provide detail guidelines and help about the product.
So it is better if one should use the real website link for shopping.

For how much time, should I use this?

To get the best, results one should definitely use it for a longer time. Inducing cell division is a time taking process however it gives 100% results. So one should use the extender for 6 to 8 hours every day, however it relieves you in a sense that you can wear it in any time. Moreover, as you can understand the guarantee period which is almost 6 months
So you can better estimate that how much it would take to get the overall results.

Does it pain using a penis extender?

No it does not pain at all, it is a rather smooth and comfortable devices among all other methods of extending penises. However you should take care the way you are wearing it. Otherwise, it may ache. Feel itchy or uncomfortable down there.

Should I shave my hair before using this?

There is no concern of hair shaving with this device. You can easily, use this with the hairy grass. However, you may understand that your hair does not entangles the pulleys or screws. They will be hurting you..

Is it safe without causing any damage?

As It is completely safe. It make sure that it only works upon the Penile Stretching Mechanism through its traction power. However, if you face a slight tiredness or soreness, check if you are wearing the device rightly or not.

Users, say that they caught infections after using this?

 It usually not happens, however, if you have not cleaned you device, then you may face problems,

Should I use some oil or moisturizer before using this?

It is not necessary. Generally it is asked not to use any oily thing before using the device. As it loosen the grip or the device and slowdowns the work of traction.

Would it pinch my balls too?

No it do not make any harm to any of the organs. Once you wear it properly, you will not get any problem so far.


User Review of Best Penis Extenders – Story

Do you still think that Best penis extenders do not change life?

Following is the real story of our user, thus it will really give you goose bumps

I was brought into the world with a normal size penile which was 5.5 inches, in the wake of hitting the adulthood, I understood that the size of my penis isn’t simply enough. You see there are things which makes you very much pitiful for example, jumping on a top of young lady realizing that you can just enter a smidgen of it. I engaged in sexual relations ordinarily in my life, however it wasn’t generally how I would have preferred, all due to the little size penis of mine.

Therefore, Men, nowadays can effectively expand the size of their dicks by taking home grown, regular or whatever supplementation. Yet, I wasn’t into that, I would not generally like to take the drugs for that since I heard gossipy tidbits about penis expansion pills offering plenty symptom to the clients.

But, neither had I needed to go under surgeries which are far and away more terrible. I was mindful and stressed simultaneously, at that point I saw a page promoting about some size extenders. There were around 5 or 6 top selling penile growth extenders which guarantee to expand the length and the size of your penis in just a little while!

I needed to have a go at something so I put my confidence into the extenders and began utilizing it and It was a blessed choice of my life which I never lamented about on the grounds that my penis size is big at this point!

End Word

This world is full of varieties. But not everything will suit your form. Likewise, there are many Best Penis Extenders, but not every Penis extender will suit you. But one should clearly differentiate the real makers.

Similarly, Your penis is your more loved but sensitive organ, Although A big long penis is a confidence Mark for men but the devices either Penis pumps , sheathes or extenders you must select after knowing everything about it and seeing whether it will care your penis like the way you do. Because a slight mistake may lead to drastic effects. Therefore, if you have finally decided to grab a penis extender then go for the best one.

Therefore, in our eyes, Sizegenetics Best Penis Extender is the most famous, recent penile extender for your dick. It is light, easy to use and   trust worthy. Likewise, it will not tease you for money and privacy. However, It you like other penis extenders for a reason. They will too work for you. However, if you still have queries about SizeGenetics Extender or other Best penis extenders

But Please, Visit their official sites for more information, guidelines and price details.

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