5 Male Enhancement Exercises to Try at Home

Welcome to Male Enhancement Exercises blog. Here you will find the best exercises like kegel ( PC muscle) exercises (youtube) and Jelqing for enlargement at home . A lot of men who aren’t happy with their sexual abilities struggle to bring them up to a level that they feel comfortable with. Many of them struggle with male enhancement (Penis Enlargement) for a number of reasons. 

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Male Enhancement Exercises

There are faulty supplements marketed that don’t do anything. There are thousands of e-books written about the topic that don’t teach any valuable information. And there are some techniques that just don’t work for certain people. Fortunately, you don’t always have to go out and buy something to improve your sex life.

There are a lot of techniques that you can do on your own, at home. To help build sexual stamina and function. Today we’re going to help you learn about a few exercises that you can do right here and now. Click Here to Download the Best Penis Enlargement Exercises Now.

What sort of male enhancement training can I do at home?

Despite many penis-enhancing advertisements being absolute garbage, some of the techniques do work. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of professional studies on the topic, which puts men in quite the predicament.

How can you know which exercises to try and which to avoid? Many of the techniques rely on anecdotal evidence for their support. Still, you can tell a site that is trying to market a garbage technique from one that is trying to provide honest knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

We’ve already looked up which methods work the best, which ones are backed by the most evidence, and which ones are garbage. That’s what this list is for!

1.The ol’ basic stretch

This is among of Male Enhancement Exercises .This isn’t so much of an enhancement method, but it’s something you should do before exercising your junk. It’s also not so much of a stretch as it is a lift, but hey, I can’t change the name.

Anyway, all you must do is basically pick up your member while you’re standing. Just lift it in your hand, without applying pressure (or stretching, despite the name) and hold it so that it’s horizontal, parallel with the floor, for about 30 seconds. Then put it back down. Then do it again four more times. 

Some suggest that doing this can enhance the length of your penis due to providing an opportunity to build new blood vessels by holding it in an elongated position. This would improve blood flow between the penis and testes, but we’re not so sure if this is true or not. Anecdotal evidence, man!

 Whatever the case, getting a bit of preliminary movement and stretching in before doing serious exercise is a good idea. No matter what you’re planning to work out. Neglecting stretches before a marathon can lead to serious injuries in your legs and spine.You don’t want to find out what kind of injuries can result from not stretching before a sexual marathon!

2. PC muscle clenches (kegels) is 2nd Male Enhancement Exercises

Kegels are often considered to be the best and only permanent, natural solution for premature ejaculation. Kegels help you build awareness of the sensation that comes prior to ejaculation, and if your muscle is strong enough, clenching it at the right moment can allow you to experience orgasm without ejaculating.

That should explain why kegels are so popular. To clench the PC muscle, first you must know what it is and how to use it. It’s the same muscle that you clench when you must shut off the stream of urine when you’re caught peeing in public.

If you must interrupt a urine stream to identify the muscle, that’s fine. Clenching your PC muscle (Kegels )for long enough should cause blood to start flowing down south. Once enough blood has arrived to make a sizable difference, release the muscle.

If nothing changes after 60 seconds, you can just do repetitions of between 30 and 60 seconds each. You can pretty much do these nonstop, but remember, muscles need recovery time so that they can grow stronger.

3. Jelqing are best Penis Enlargement Exercises

Jelqing is probably the second most reliable method you can use for enhancing the size of your penis at home. You don’t need any equipment – just your hands and your willy. The first step involved in jelqing is to get yourself an erection. Once you’re full-sized, just wrap your thumb and forefinger firmly around the base.

You should constrict it enough to feel the pressure of the blood rise throughout the rest of your shaft. Then, continuing to maintain pressure, slowly move your hand from the base towards the tip. This should take a while – up to three minutes. You should feel the hardness and girth of your erection increase, and if you do this long-term, the gains can become permanent.

4. The spinning method is Last Penis Enlargement Exercise

No, we’re not talking about doing the windmill (unfortunately). The spinning method is another type of stretch that can increase length, width, and the number of blood vessels traversing from your member to your testes. Grab your penis at the tip and stretch it away from your body. Once it’s stretched, begin doing circular motions. Do ten clockwise, slowly; then do ten counterclockwise. The circular motion of the stretch agitates your manhood in all sorts of different ways, which gives it round-the-clock stimulation.

5. Eat a healthy diet

This might not be something you’d expect to see on a list of male enhancement (Penis Enlargement) techniques, but don’t underestimate the power a healthy diet can have over male sexual function. A lot of nutrients that are obtained through a healthy, varied diet can have significant impacts on your sexuality and fertility. Especially if you’re deficient in some vitamins or minerals.

 For example, magnesium, found in high amounts in spinach, improves blood flow to the genitals and can help you obtain and keep erections longer. Oysters are chock-full of zinc, which is widely regarded as one of the most important nutrients for male fertility because of how it boosts testosterone. Foods that modulate serotonin and dopamine, like fish high in omega-3 fatty acids, can also improve libido and sexual function. 

A male enhancement diet isn’t so much about the particular foods that you eat. It’s more about eating a wide variety and being sure that you’re getting the assortment of “sexy” nutrients that you need to function optimally in the bedroom. For More Male Enhancement Exercises which is guaranteed to work and increase your penis size

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